Glazing Bars

Please see below for our range of the most common glazing bars in the Capping and Cresfinex range. We are an authorised distributor of these products, so please contact us on 01 8010022 or for a quote for any products not listed below.

40/51 capping bars are suitable for 50mm (2") wide rafters, and  60/71 capping bars are suitable for for 70mm (3") wide rafters. Both of these products include rafter gasket, screws and end caps. These products will join sheets of polycarbonate or glass where they meet on intermediate rafters.

Snapdown glazing bar has an aluminium base bar and a PVC top cap that snaps into place. This is suitable for polycarbonate only (not glass). There are two versions, one for 10mm - 25mm thick polycarbonate, another for 25mm - 32mm polycarbonate.

Please note CGF Gable End Finishing Profiles, CWF Wall Finishing Profiles and Lean To Flashing Profiles are only available in 3m and 6m lengths.

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