Acrylic Perspex Sheets

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Acrylic sheeting, also commonly known by the brand name 'Perspex'. Acrylic sheeting is mostly used for display purposes due to its high optical quality. We stock cast acrylic only in clear, opal white, dense white and dense black colours. We also stock acrylic mirror.

Benefits of acrylic sheeting:

  • High optical clarity and light transmission (90+% for clear acrylic sheeting)
  • Lighter and stronger than glass of the same thickness
  • Opal white acrylic is ideal for light diffusion (40% light transmission ratio)
  • Slightly more scratch resistant than polycarbonate
  • Suitable for laser cutting & etching
  • Suitable for thermoforming
  • UV stable - high resistance to UV discoloration
  • Suitable for indoor and display uses - for external uses, we usually recommend Polycarbonate
  • Safe - does not shatter like glass

We stock acrylic sheeting in Clear, Opal White, Dense White and Dense Black varieties. Please select your thickness and colour options below.

For any purposes requiring the sheets to be tough or flexible - for example, bending of the sheets, any drilling, or impact resistance - we recommend Polycarbonate sheeting instead.

We offer a free cut to size service.

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